Bon PeKao

BON costs less

Unlike traditional or fiat currencies, a digital currency does not have difficulties in crossing borders or dealing with foreign exchange rates when trading with users in another country. A BON is a BON the world over! As a result, trading is fast, simple and easy. And without the need for conversion costs and administration fees, costs really are kept to an absolute minimum.

Digital currencies reward participation

Based around a community of individuals investing, using, mining and trading with it, each digital currency is strengthened and its use made more widespread as more people join it. Unlike centralised, government regulated currencies, BON will be grown, strengthened and developed by each member of its community – and they will be rewarded for this!

Exclusive products with BON

One reward you will receive, as a BON user, will be exclusive products and services available only to you! Similar to the original Polish currency, you will be able to spend your BON on products and services that any other money can’t buy, literally!

*Original Bon PeKaO checks looked like this.
BON is the cryptocurrency to succeed them.